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Special Services

Our Special Services include,

  • Arranging any specific service(s) to the requirement of VIP’s visiting Maldives.
  • Safari boats or Live Aboards in the Maldives.    
  • Visa is FREE, given for 30 days on arrival for every Nationality.
  • Weddings ceremony and Celebration in Maldives Resorts.
  • Honeymoon,wedding photography 


Arranging any specific service(s) to the requirement of VIP’s visiting Maldives.

VVIPs and VIPs are always welcome in Maldives. Luxury Maldives holidays are gaining popularity these days for logical reasons. Couples and families could certainly have their grandest Maldives holiday vacation anytime of the year. Luckily, there are more than enough accommodations that facilitate luxury Maldives holidays. Here are some of the most popular in the islands for VVIPs and VIPs. 

Popular hotel resorts

Jumeirah Maldives is a captivating Maldives island resort surrounded by pristine blue waters and white sandy beaches. Beach and lagoon suites or villas come with private swimming pool, direct access to beach or lagoon, and sala day beds. Guests will surely enjoy the breathtaking views just by staying in their rooms and/or by taking an outdoor adventure, which is facilitated by the hotel resort.

Sheraton Maldives is for vacationers who seek total relaxation and at the same time enjoy the adrenaline rush. The hotel-resort has a luxurious spa nestled in a private island. Its exclusive lagoon facilitates exciting water sports. There are up to 40 diving sites nearby where guests can explore the underwater beauty of the Maldives.

International brands

Shangri-La Maldives touts itself as a sanctuary for every soul. As a luxury Maldives resort, Shangri-La facilitates an exclusive and panoramic access to a shoreline that touches the vast Indian Ocean. Relax in any of its villas and enjoy the most stunning view of the azure waters meeting the sapphire-colored sky. Access the turquoise lagoon and behold its shoreline beauty as waves get into shores. Then enjoy the coziness of the place by enjoying rich coffee and sumptuous meals served at the dining areas. A golf course and spa will complete the opulent experience.

Conrad Hilton Maldives is an award-winning luxury hotel Maldives can truly be proud of. The hotel resort assures world-class hospitality and truly amazing experiences that the wealthy class can expect from aMaldives holiday getaway. Choose between a beach and a water villa, both offering stunning views of the ocean. Wireless Internet is provided as well as luxurious spa treatments, fine wines, and delicious cuisines.


Safari boats or Live Aboards in the Maldives.


Cruising in Maldives is a fantastic way of exploring the country and its islands. There are a number of cruise ships which takes travelers and tourists for a cruise around the country and its numerous atolls.


Cruises to Maldives are filled with fun, adventure and excitement. The best way to pay a visit to the coral islands, check out their sandy and sunny beaches and marvel at the marine life of the blue sea is by taking a cruise to the Maldives.


There are numerous cruise boats or cruise liners that organizes cruise to Maldives. Some of the most common and popular cruise vessels that are available include Honors legacy, Ocean Sapphire, My Anastasia, Atoll explorer, Aldebaran, Princess Ushwa, Handhu, GTM cruiser, Four season explorer,  Sunset Queen, MS Ensis Bounty, Sultans way 006, Sultans way 007, Manta cruiser, Duke of York, Dive master. One can either go for a luxury cruise or an adventure cruise to this exotic country.


The cruises are worth embarking upon. One can go for numerous water sports on these cruises. Snorkeling, scuba diving and sailing are some of the popular activities that one can go for on these cruises. Besides, a large number of on board activities are also organized on these cruise. The cruise ships usually have a card room or a games room, where the cruisers can play chess or carom. The crew of the ships makes sure that your journey is a comfortable and enjoyable one. The food offered in the cruises is extremely tasty and delicious. The guests are served traditional as well as continental food.


The cruise boats are equipped with all the amenities and features that make the journey a comfortable one. The cruise boats can accommodate around 12 to 22 passengers. Some of the bigger boats like the Honors legacy can accommodate upto 25 passengers at one point of time. They are spacious and have cozy and comfortable rooms, equipped with modern amenities like television, coffee makers, hair dryers, mini bars, Jacuzzi, in room safe and telephone facilities. The rooms are all air-conditioned and most of the rooms have private balconies also.


The cruise boats also have sundecks, swimming pools, dining rooms and bars and lounges. The cruise vessels also have a shops and boutiques. Many luxury cruise boats also have games rooms where the children and the adults can play different types of games.


Luxury and adventure cruises to Maldives are extremely popular. There are many cruise lines, which have cruise packages that one can avail of. These cruise packages are extremely economical and lucrative. Most of the cruise are centered around the central atoll as the number of visitors are higher in this area.


Visa is FREE, given for 30 days on arrival for every Nationality

A visa prior to arrival in the Maldives is not required. All tourists from all countries are granted a free 30-day visa upon arrival. However, all visitors need to have a valid passport. If a passport expiry date falls within 30 days of arrival, tourists cannot extend their stay beyond the passport’s expiry date. Working or engaging in employment while visiting with a tourist visa is prohibited. The Ministry of Human Resources Employment and Labour can provide work visas.

Weddings ceremony and Celebration in Maldives Resorts.

Maldives Islands are amongst the most seek out wedding destinations all over the world. This is because of the scenic beauty of the place along with tourist friendly services such as luxurious resorts as well as budgeted hotels along with all kinds of modern facilities to make your stay hassle free. All these facilities and charming natural setting present on the islands make these one of the favourite wedding destination amongst couples. Maldivian islands with their snowy white beaches surrounded by coral reefs and turquoise lagoons create perfect setting to wed your beloved. Wedding at Maldives, an important arm of Spice Voyage let you plan your wedding in the best way possible. It provides you with all information required to make your wedding a success and one of the most memorable moments of your life